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Privacy Policy


As required under the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR, this Privacy Policy details the personal data that The Alvis Register asks members to provide to enable us to operate as a Club within our stated aims of promoting the use and enjoyment of vintage Alvis cars, how that information is used, stored and protected, and members’ rights in relation to it.


1. What we collect

The personal data that we collect for each member comprises some or all of the following: Name, full Address, Phone Number, Email address and certain bank details for invoice/subscription payments. In addition we record details of members’ cars and their historic ownership.


2. What the Data is used for

We use the personal data that members voluntarily provide to further the Register’s aims and objectives by sending out in hard copy or by email, our publications, information relating to membership, our services and events, to record and maintain details of surviving cars and their histories as a resource for current and future owners and historical researchers, and to produce a membership list and register of surviving cars from time to time for distribution to members only to enable them to contact each other on matters of mutual interest. Financial information is used in connection with annual subscription collection, invoicing in connection with the Register’s Spares Scheme, and for annual accounting purposes.


3. Who uses the Data

Officials of The Alvis Register as appropriate use this data for the purpose of administering the club’s activities.


4. Methods of Data Storage & Protection

Members’ personal and financial data and details of their cars are stored on computer and/or cloud storage locations and are password protected. Members’ names and phone numbers only are stored on a dedicated and password protected mobile phone used solely in connection with the administration of the Register’s Spares Scheme. Hard copies of certain information are also held by relevant officials of the Register. Access is limited only to the appropriate specific officials of The Alvis Register as needed to run the various aspects of the club’s activities. Data protection measures are regularly reviewed and will be updated if required.


5. Transfer of Personal Data

Members’ name and address details are transmitted electronically in encrypted form to the mailing house used to distribute the Register’s publications. The printers used to produce the Register’s publications have access to such personal data as is contained in each publication. Such third parties are required to give an undertaking that they will not transfer any details so obtained to others, and will destroy each data file after use.  Certain financial information is transmitted to the Register’s accountants, who are fully GDPR compliant, for the preparation of the annual accounts. Otherwise, the Register will not transfer any personal data to third parties without the relevant members’ permission, unless to comply with legal or regulatory obligations. The Register’s publications include a prohibition on the disclosure of personal data to non-members, and on its use for trade or commercial purposes.


6. Updating of Personal Data

The Register relies on members to update us if their personal data changes by advising the Membership Secretary accordingly.


7. Retention of Personal Data

Unless specifically requested otherwise, once a membership ceases the Register prefers to retain certain membership data relevant to the history of the cars. Members and former members do nonetheless have an absolute right to have their personal data erased on request. Financial information is stored only for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, following which it will be deleted.


8. Members’ Rights in relation to Personal Data

The Register will fully respect members’ rights in relation to their personal data, including their right to be informed about, to object to, or to restrict, the processing of the data, their right to have it erased, and their right to request access to it.


9. Questions

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please address them in the first instance to the Membership Secretary (


10. Changes to this Policy

This Privacy Policy will be reviewed regularly, and may be updated, modified or amended as required.


This policy was last reviewed on 10 May 2022.


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