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The Club for the Vintage Alvis Enthusiast

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1919-1933 Models 10/30, 11/40, 12/40, 12/50, 12/60, FWD, 14.75, 16.95 Silver Eagle
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Joining the Register

The Alvis Register's ethos is to encourage and assist owners to enjoy their cars to the full, and for most members the enjoyment is in using, driving and maintaining the cars as Alvis intended. This enjoyment is greatly enhanced by the extensive range of assistance which the Register provides, and by contact with like-minded owners.

The Register offers a valuable range of services, formal and informal, starting with help in buying a car.  No-one should contemplate buying any vintage car without talking to existing owners of the marque. Within the Register there is invariably someone to talk to about your possible choice of Alvis.   

The Benefits of Register Membership

  • Unparalleled Spares Scheme available to members only. A comprehensive list of over 200 new spares ranging from bolts to blocks.
  • Technical Advice from the Register's Technical Advisor and other experienced members.
  • Events including the annual Register Weekend,  local meetings, extended tours and Inter-Register rallies via our affiliation to the Inter Register Club.
  • Workshop weekends.
  • Excellent communication on all aspects of ownership via the monthly Circular and quarterly Bulletin.
  • Publications including the detailed Manual, copies of original handbooks, parts lists and papers on electrics.
  • Assistance with researching the history of your car using production records held by the Register derived from original material  by kind permission of Red Triangle.
  • Detailed List of Members and Eligible Cars, enabling easy contact with nearby fellow enthusiasts.
  • The Register Archive of Vintage Alvis material.
  • The Vintage Alvis Manual - everything you need to know about restoring and maintaining the vintage Alvis (and much of the information is applicable to other vintage cars as well). Over 600 pages and more than 35 years in the writing, this magnificent work is the Jewel in the Alvis Register Crown and essential reading for anyone owning a vintage Alvis.  Compiled and written mostly by our late and much missed member Micky Radford with help from various other Register members.


How to Join the Register

Further information and an application form to join the Register can be obtained from the Membership Secretary who can be contacted via the Contacts  page.

The initial development and maintenance of this website has been made possible by generous bequests from Register members Brian Smith and Peter Ellington-Robinson, and the kindness of the Trustees of the Fund set up in memory of Len Holbrook in making the residue available to the Register for this purpose.