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1919-1933 Models 10/30, 11/40, 12/40, 12/50, 12/60, FWD, 14.75, 16.95 Silver Eagle


The Vintage Alvis by Norman Johnson. Published by the author 1952.

The Vintage Alvis by Peter Hull and Norman Johnson. First edition published by Macdonald 1967. Reprinted by David and Charles 1974.

The Vintage Alvis by Peter Hull and Norman Johnson. Edited by Paul Haye. Second edition published by the Alvis Register 1995. ISBN No 0-9525334-0-5

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The 12/50 Engine by Micky Radford. Published by Speed & Sports Publications 1971.

Alvis Publicity - The Leopold Adams Legacy. Written and complied by Norman Johnson. Privately published in 1997, 2nd edition privately published in 2003.

 Alvis Gold Portfolio 1919 - 1967. Compiled by R.M. Clarke. Brooklands Books. 1989.

Alvis Collection 1924 - 1930. Compiled by R.M. Clarke. Enthusiast Publications. Undated.

Alvis in the Thirties complied by R M Clarke. Brooklands Books. Undated.

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Vintage Style - the Story of Cross & Ellis. By Gillian Bardsley. Brewin Books 1993.

The Vintage Motor Car by Cecil Clutton and John Stanford. Published by B T Batsford 1954.

A Vintage Car Casebook by Peter Hull and Nigel Arnold-Forster. Published by B T Batsford 1976.

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