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1919-1933 Models 10/30, 11/40, 12/40, 12/50, 12/60, FWD, 14.75, 16.95 Silver Eagle

From the Latest Circular

Membership Matters: 2018 Register event in Dorset; Subscription information.

New Spares Manager Contact Details. Vintage Alvis Manual reprint available.

Forthcoming events:  Register Pub Meets in Cheshire & Leicestershire. Pub Meet in Norfolk/Suffolk. Invitations: March- April 2019 Down-Under Alvis Centenary Tour.

On the Garage Floor: Water contamination; Brake Shaft greasing, Bearing fitting; Electronic rev counters; Engine mounting rubbers.

Cars and Parts for sale and wanted.

The initial development and maintenance of this website has been made possible by generous bequests from Register members Brian Smith and Peter Ellington-Robinson, and the kindness of the Trustees of the Fund set up in memory of Len Holbrook in making the residue available to the Register for this purpose.